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Continuing Medical Education

The mission of CME, LLC is to provide continuing medical education (CME) programs to healthcare professionals. The faculty members recruited to direct our CME activities are experienced educators who, together with CME, LLC, are committed to providing the highest quality CME activities to provide the knowledge and instruction for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes.



The Center for Musculoskeletal Education is an independent provider of continuing medical education for healthcare providers. The content of educational activities is based on research conducted by the Medical Director and expert Faculty members in the field of orthopedics, identifying professional practice gaps and areas for improvement in medicine, leading to improvements in patient outcomes.



  • Provide healthcare professionals with educational activities that improve clinical knowledge, and their ability to apply that knowledge in practice (competence).

  • Integrate research knowledge into clinical practice, and to facilitate lifelong learning consistent with the high standards of the ACCME and American Medicine.

  • Provide educational interventions that modify behavior and consistently measure educational outcomes—asking learners how the educational activities helped them to integrate new patient care strategies.

  • Utilize skill-based courses to improve hands-on surgical skills.

  • Identify and overcome barriers to  change in practice by addressing those barriers in course content.



 The Center for Musculoskeletal Education employs educational outcome measurements to ensure:

Improvements in Learner Competence measured by questionnaires or case studies conducted post-activity, or at the completion of a defined section of the educational program. These two techniques determine whether the learner is able to develop strategies to incorporate new knowledge and skills into practice.

Improvements in Learner Performance-in-Practice measured by questionnaires or qualitative interviews that determine if the desired behavioral changes were implemented in practice. This also identifies barriers preventing these changes from implementation.

Improvements in Patient Outcomes measured through the observational findings of learners.


All outcome measurements are analyzed by clinical advisers to ensure that results are consistent with the CME mission, fostering continuous improvements to its continuing medical education program.


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